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Between you and your lawyer

Trust Is Everything

Confidence comes from Safety and Transparency.


Privilege is Your App

A free download to secure your relationship.

Share photos and documents from your phone directly with your attorney at any time. You can send messages, images, screenshots and more to your counsel, and know that only your counsel will receive them. If you want, your attorney can even make those sent messages and images disappear from your phone in a matter of minutes. They are stored safely with your attorney, without facing the thread of anyone else discovering your sensitive information on your phone.

Your communications are protected, because they are privileged.


Your Lawyer at Your Fingertips

Send messages when you have an idea. Share photos of documents, evidence- whatever helps your case. Any time, day or night. Your messages are safe, secure and private for your legal team. Your lawyer only gets a notification when he or she is available, so go ahead and text at 2am!


Double-Key Security

Your attorney takes your security very seriously. That’s why Email and SMS are not good enough - both are monitorable in transit. Privilege encrypts all data sent to and from your device, and stores it behind a double-encrypted system so that only your counsel can access your data. Your attorney can change the key any time, and your data remains safe.


Emergency Access

When things go wrong, you need your counsel. Privilege is better than getting a cell phone number - when you press the “Emergency” button and agree to your attorney’s terms, help is reached on every device they have - office, home, mobile.


Tell My Lawyer!

Privilege is a service that your lawyer or law firm provides for you. If you don’t have the app right now, you have a few options!